About You

Are you a parent or grandparent who would like to help their child succeed at maths.

Perhaps your child feels maths doesn’t make sense

Or maybe your child is good at maths and they would like to do better –
possibly so they  can prepare for 11+.

About Starting Arithmetic

I wrote Starting Arithmetic to describe  how I helped my four children with maths whilst they were at primary school.

If you can count, add, subtract you know enough to help your children.

Starting Arithmetic is about 200 pages. It begins with learning to say numbers and counting. Then addition, subtraction, times tables, division, fractions and remainders. Finally takes a look at algebra. This should cover from age 2 to leaving primary school – at least 8 years.

Although Starting Arithmetic does cover maths the main focus is on how you can help your children learn. Specific methods are shown for solving each type of problem with lots of different explanations which you can use to help your children understand. In addition there are worksheets for maths games exploring tables and templates to cut out to explore division and fractions.

The key is short regular sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week.

And above all keep it fun!

Buy from StartingArithmetic.com

 About Starting Arithmetic Blog

Starting Arithmetic Blog has some extracts from Starting Arithmetic

plus extra tips, templates and worksheets to help you as you help your children learn arithmetic and maths.

About Jeremy ShiersJeremy Shiers

I have a

BSc in Physics & Chemistry
PhD in Particle Physics and
BSc in Mathematics

But the only maths I needed to know to help my children with primary maths was primary maths!

If you can count, add, subtract you know enough to help your children.

Parents help their children to read and write, why not times tables and maths too?

Why not visit JeremyShiers.com where I write about how even quite simple maths and science can be useful in the real world. Especially for spotting when bureaucrats and politicians are misusing numbers in order to push through their pet schemes.

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