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My name is Jeremy Shiers. I would like to share with you the methods I have used to help my 4 children learn arithmetic and maths over the last 17 years. And so I have written a report, Starting Arithmetic, which describes how I have done this.

Why start with arithmetic? Arithmetic is a foundation of mathematics, primary maths and early years maths are both largely arithmetic.

At school level, especially primary school, maths just isn't that hard and it is something like walking, talking and writing that everyone should be able to do.

But maths is different from other subjects in that each new topic builds on what has gone before, so if you do not get a firm grasp of the basics, more advanced maths will be hard to understand.

It really is essential to have a good understanding of primary maths, before starting secondary school.
Not every child achieves this. Many, with low SATS scores, do not even take GCSE maths limiting their future employment and earnings.

Kid's Don't Count, a channel 4 Dispatches program, revealed some primary school teachers have only grade C at maths GCSE. Only a few could correctly answer all the questions in a test set by the program.

Perhaps this is why the UK is slipping down international league tables of school childrens' achievements in numeracy.

How can you help?

Regular practice is a key ingredient of gaining any skill. Sessions need not be long, 5 or 10 minutes 3 to 5 times a week is enough to make a big difference providing it is done regularly.

5 minutes may not sound like much, but if there are 20 pupils in a class and that class has 1 hour of maths lessons a day, the teacher can only give a maximum of 3 minutes individual attention to each child.

You can give your children enough practice so maths becomes second nature to them and they are confident.

I have BSc in maths and PhD in physics. But the only maths I needed to know to help my children with primary maths was primary maths!

If you can count, add, subtract you know enough to help your children.

Starting Arithmetic is about 200 pages. It begins with learning to say numbers and counting. Then addition, subtraction, tables, division fractions and remainders. Finally takes a look at algebra. This should cover from age 2 to leaving primary school - at least 8 years.

Although Starting Arithmetic does cover maths the main focus is on how you can help your children learn. Specific methods are shown for solving each type of problem with lots of different explanations which you can use to help your children understand. In addition there are worksheets for maths games exploring tables and templates to cut out to explore division and fractions.

Parents help their children to read and write, why not maths too?

How Much Does It Cost?

£18 (£15 + vat) £6 (£5 + vat)

Only £0.75 for each of the 8 years Starting Arithmetic will be useful.

Try for 30 days and if it doesn't work for you I will give you a 100% no quibble refund.

With nothing to lose why delay?
Click the button right now and you can start helping your children today!

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Times Tables for £3.60 £1.00

For only £1.00 (£0.83 + vat) you can buy the tables tables chapters from Starting Arithmetic.

It is often said that maths is different these days, yet the difference is how it is taught.
Learning "times tables" is one area that really hasn"t changed at all.

There are only 66 different facts to learn in order to know all the tables up to 12 × 12,
if you ignore the 0× and 1× tables.

Even better some of the tables such as 10× 11× and 5× have patterns that are very easy to recognise and remember. There are 28 of these very easy answers, nearly half of all there is to learn.

When people talk about learning tables, they really mean being able to recall specific answers on demand, rapidly and accurately. This takes practice to learn and practice to ensure tables are not forgotten.

You can really help your children to get a solid understanding of tables by practicing for 5 to 10 minutes a day,
3 to 5 days a week.

Your payment will be to ridefame ltd

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