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How To Find The Slope Of A Line

Much of science and economics is about the rate of change, often with time. This rate of change is the slope of a graph, spreadsheets make this easy to find. Children are taught the equation of a line at primary … Continue reading

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All Children Will Be Expected To Learn Times Tables By 11

Children must memorise times tables up to 12×12 by age 11, says UK education minister Nicky Morgan.  WRONG,  better to learn how to calculate times tables so you are never stuck. The problem with memorising times tables is to answer … Continue reading

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Primary School Arithmetic Is Essential To Pass Many GCSEs

Primary school arithmetic and maths is necessary to pass many GCSEs so it makes sense to master it otherwise it will be harder to learn new stuff for GCSEs Here are some of them Accounting Biology Business and Economics Business … Continue reading

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One Way To Improve Maths Sats Results – Better Teaching

In 2009 Barton Hill Primary Bristol invited Richard Dunne to help improve maths teaching for year 6. Dispatches Kids Don’t Count recorded the results. Kids Don’t Count was aired in 2 parts in February 2010.  Here is part 2. The … Continue reading

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How To Get People Who Fail GCSE Maths and English To Pass

Pat Harrison, of Bolton College, explains in an interview with BBC Radio4 PM how Bolton College enables students who have failed GCSEs to learn and pass. Here is the interview.   What do you think of the interview? Here is … Continue reading

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Higher Maths Anxiety – Is It Any Different From Fear And Anxiety

The Daily Mail today has a story about how maths CAN really make your head hurt, which reports on the rather more sober article in “Plos One” by Sian Beilock and Ian Lyons from University of Chicago. It seems to … Continue reading

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Learning Times Tables – Rote Learning Understanding Or Do You Need Both

Recently in UK Nick Herbet, the schools minister, said pupils should learn their tables by rote at primary school. A few days later it was reported teaching children maths by making them learn times tables by rote could worsen exam … Continue reading

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11+ And KS2 Maths – A Common Type Of Question Has Divide And Multiply For Scaling

In basic arithmetic there are four different operations + – × ÷ There is a type of question which turns up in various forms, all basically the same, which involve divide and multiply (division and multiplication if you prefer). I … Continue reading

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Maths Is Different – Thats Not How We Do It – Number Bonds

It is commonly said maths is different nowadays.  Up and down the country when parents try and help their children with maths homework often either it is incomprehensible to the parent or when they show their children something the children … Continue reading

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