Common Themes In Recent Posts About Succesful Learning

Three recent posts at StartingArithmetic featured successful learning, are there any common themes?

Arithmetic with Richard Dunne
One Way To Improve Sats Results – Better Teaching

French with Michel Thomas
Getting Failing Students To Learn – Michel Thomas Shows How

Maths and English at Bolton College
How To Get People Who Fail Maths And English GCSE To Pass

 There seem to be some common themes

  1. Assume success, so no labeling people as failures
  2. Talk in terms that make sense to the learner
  3. Go at the pace of the learner

I wonder if it’s that simple how come everyone isn’t doing it?

 Just out of curiosity what approach does Starting Arithmetic follow?  Why not sign up and get your free copy of What Is Starting Arithmetic And Why Should You Care to find out more.


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