Learn 3 And 4 Times Tables Easily Using Your Fingers

Here’s a really simple way to help your children or grandchildren learn the 3 and 4 times tables using their fingers.

The video explains it all but for those who don’t like videos.

We count moving through numbers one at a time.

Times tables are just stepping through numbers in steps of 2, 3, 4 or whatever.

If you turn your hand so the palm is facing you, you will see 3 creases on each of the 4 fingers.

So if we count along the fingers we move in steps of 3 along each finger.

If we count along a crease across the fingers we move in steps of 4.

That’s basically it.

Once you’ve reached the twelfth crease (i.e. counted from 1 to 12) you can just go back to where you started and count on again (13 to 24, 25 to 36 and so on).

As an added bonus as there are 12 creases on all the fingers of one hand you can count through all the creases to step through the 12 times table.  It’s a bit long winded but it gets you the answer.

Finally you can use pairs of fingers to step through the 2 times tables.

If you have children or grandchildren who are learning their times tables why not share this with them.

And more practice with them until they become completely confident.

Starting Arithmetic aims to give parents the tools to help their children gain such familiarity with primary maths that it is second nature to them. Then exams and tests are easy in the way if someone asked you your name you would answer without difficultly or hesitation.

Finally if you would like a copy of the number grid mentioned in the video click here to download the number grid.


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